Personal Mentor & Guide


Personal Mentor & Guide

Contact me about how I can assist you as a developmental mentor and/or guide for any life stage and/or challenge you are facing into.

‘You make the path by walking’ – Antonio Machado

I leverage extensive experience gathered over my life journey as a:

  • Senior executive team leader, people developer and guide in large corporate organisations
  • Men’s Group founder and leader – I have led and facilitated
    hundreds of personal growth events and workshops over 25 years
  • Group and personal transformational breathwork workshop and personal facilitation for over 20 years
  • Professional training in the use of the Nature-Based Map of the Human Psyche to support others to cultivate their innate wholeness with Bill Plotkin’s Animas Valley Institute of Colorado
  • Having debriefed and facilitated hundreds of personality profiles of people using the DiSC Agile EQ and DiSC workplace and behavioural profiles
  • Trained hundreds of people in communication, influence and trust for CPA Australia and the Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Completed the wonderful Francis Weller’s Grief Ritual leadership training. 
  • Experienced the wild pan-cultural ‘Wilderness Quest’ journey with the amazing Mike Bodkin Executive Director of Rites of Passage Wilderness Quest 

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